Get ready for 2016's spectacular Brest International Maritime Festival

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Highlights of this spectacular event include the presentation of Hermione, a replica of General Lafayette's historic French frigate that famously sailed to America in 1780 to support the rebels against the British in the American Revolutionary War. Last year, she made the trip back across the Atlantic to America for a commemorative tour.

Visitors can also expect to be wowed by Monge, a cutting-edge research vehicle from the French navy, which makes its first public appearance at the event.

The 2016 festival, taking place from 13-19 July,  will bring together around 1,500 marine craft including sailing ships, traditional boats, yachts and other boats from all over the globe.

Have you been to the Brest International Maritime Festival in previous years? What are you looking forward to seeing this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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