Historic days out that don't cost the earth with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux


The Centre des Monuments Nationaux looks after some of France's most important heritage spots and we're happy to be partnering with them to give you discount entry to several sites...

Everyone loves a little bit of history and culture whilst they're on holiday in France, don't they? Show your Brittany Ferries boarding card and get up to 20% off on entry to the following sites run by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux. All sites offer self-guide brochure tours in English.


Cairn de Barnenez

Historic buildings don't come much older than this! Constructed around 4500 BC the stone cairn is one of the oldest and largest megalithic structures in  Europe. Filled with ancient burial chambers this prehistoric parthenon is remarkably preserved and covered in Neolithic art.

Take time to admire the variety of curious symbols and squiggles all over the cairn and see if you can uncover their secret meanings!

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Megaliths of Locmariaquer

If you can't get enough of Brittany's prehistoric past, head to these incredible standing stones near Quimper. At this huge Neolithic site you can discover the fascinating social hierarchical structures of one of man's earliest farming communities.

Be sure to look at the landscape around you - was drastically different in Neolithic times with vast plains stretching out around the site that have since been submerged under the sea.

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Mont St Michel abbey

The abbey of Mont St Michel is the most visited cultural site in France, and for good reason! As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts millions of visitors every year who flock to admire both its beauty and history. According to legend, the abbey was constructed after St Michael the Archangel appeared to St Auburt demanding it be built.

It has played a vital role in numerous events throughout history because of the tactical advantage of its position and was even used by the likes of William the Conqueror - as depicted in the famous Bayeux Tapestry. It even remained unconquered during the Hundred Years' War. Rent an audioguide to find out more about the mont and abbey for 3€.

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Château de Carrouges

This chateau in Orne, Normandy has pretty much seen it all. Built in the 14th century, it has stood throughout seven centuries of French history and has played host to such illustrious guests as Louis XI and Catherine de Medici. With a 14th century keep and a gatehouse tower that is considered the first example of Renaissance architecture in Normandy

A 14th century keep, a gatehouse tower that's considered the first example of Renaissance architecture in Normandy and staircases designed by Francois Gabriel are just some of the chateau's gems. And the 15th century Grand Salon and 18th century Salle des Fêtes are real must-sees. Tours of the chateau are available in English.

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Pays de la Loire

Château d'Angers

The Chateau d'Angers is a 9th century castle in the ancient city of Angers, deep in the Loire Valley. It was founded by the Counts of Anjou and was built with many purposes in mind as it had to play the role of military fortress and citadel as well as the elegant court of the Counts of Anjou. The historic building has housed countless famous royals, such as Louis IX and Charles VII, and was even used as an armoury during WW1 and WW2.

With walls 10 feet thick and 17 austere-looking towers that hide the beautiful courtyard garden enclosed within, the chateau is a real mixture of defensive architecture and courtly decadence. Today it is home to the incredible Apocalypse Tapestry - one of the oldest medieval tapestries to have survived in France.You can rent an audioguide to find out more about the chateau for 3€.

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Maison de Georges Clemenceau

The house of the former Prime Minister during WW2, the Tiger himself certainly left his mark here. A close friend of the painter, Claude Monet, he spent hours working on his garden on the dunes and along with their love of horticultural, they shared their appreciation of Japanese art.

Pretty and picturesque. in its seaside location where the rooms behind all of its blue doors open straight to the outside, Clemenceau affectionally called this unique house 'the Shack'.

Discounted Brittany Ferries price: €5


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