It's all go on board our ships this summer!

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On board our ships this summer, our crew have been organising events and entertainment left, right and centre - from free make-up sessions to crêpe stalls out on deck - so there's something to suit everyone.

Pierre le Bear

Our cheeky mascot, Pierre Le Bear, has been touring our ships so far this summer and was spotted in Santander helping our loading officer with disembarkation of Cap Finistère's 220 vehicles.

Pierre is far from photo-shy and was happy to pose for a few snaps before heading back on board for his sailing northbound to Portsmouth.

Spanish culture

Elsewhere aboard Cap Finistère, our entertainment and boutique teams have been offering wine and tapas tasting to get you into that Spanish spirit on your way down to Santander or Bilbao.

We've also been offering Spanish lessons to passengers who want to improve their confidence in speaking the language. We can't promise you'll be fluent by the time you arrive but you'll certainly be able to order in a restaurant or bar!

Breton music

And, even though you're on a ferry to Spain, we couldn't forget our Breton roots with some light accordion entertainment in traditional Breton get-up (including the famous bigoudène hat!)


If you're travelling on board Bretagne between Portsmouth and St Malo this summer, there's already been an abundance of events to keep you entertained as you sail with us. More recently, our French crew, over 75% of who are from Brittany, have been donning their aprons to show us how a true Breton crêpe is made.

Our hostesses set up shop on Bretagne's rear sun deck, turned on the Breton music and showed off one of the region's most famous and delicious culinary delights.

Today in Brittany you can order a crêpe, made from white flour, which is generally sweet or a savoury galette, made from buckwheat (or blé noir in French) - usually you'll have both, washed down with a bowl of Breton cider.

Did you know it's tradition to hold a coin in your writing hand, holding the crêpe pan in the other, flipping the crêpe into the air?

Beauty treatments

If crêpes aren't your thing (however unimaginable that is) then fear not. Our boutique team have been demonstrating yet more French delights - L'Occitane cosmetic and beauty products from the beautiful region of Provence in south eastern France.

L'Occitane en Provence was founded in a Provençal open-air market in 1976 by young entrepreneur, Olivier Baussan, and has since grown into a successful international company and a great ambassador for the French region. To this day, all of L'Occitane's products are developed and manufactured in Manosque, around 80km north of the Mediterranean port of Marseille, and we stock many of them in our onboard shops.

The Euros

Although the Euros are now a thing of the past, our passengers and crew alike certainly got into the sporting spirit with events, live showings and bunting galore! On board Mont St Michel, our passengers succumbed to the football atmosphere and can be seen here preparing for the match and demonstrating a bit of entente-cordiale by proudly wearing the French tricolore!

Wine and whisky tastings

Down on deck 7, just outside the onboard boutique, Les Monts et Merveilles, our team laid on some wine tasting - from the deep, velvety reds of Bordeaux and the dry, fruity whites of Burgundy to the sweet and rounded rosés of the Loire Valley.

As well as wine tasting, our crew regularly organise whisky tasting sessions and talks as well as a host of other events. For more information, check our entertainment programme on board or just ask a member of our boutique team.

Of course, if you just want to try a particular tipple of your choice, we'd be more than happy to oblige - just let us know.

Have you enjoyed our summer entertainments on board? Let us know in the comments below.

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