Le Voyage à Nantes 2017

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Nantes famous arts festival, Le Voyage à Nantes, is on from July 1 to August 27. So what's there to explore this year?...

Do you love art? Incredible scenery in the heart of France? Then Le Voyage à Nantes is the festival for you. An annual arts festival that has made the city famous, it grows every year and there's over 50 artworks on the trail this year just waiting for art lovers to flock in from all across Europe.

Nantes of course, is no ordinary city, it is often known as the as artistic hub of France, praised for its creativity and innovation that stretches to the city's experimental architecture as well as its historic sights. The festival involves a 12km green line that will lead ongoers to each new display, so there is plenty of artwork to enjoy!

So, what's a must-see in 2017?

Slide down the side of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne!

Get a panoramic view of the beautiful city and embrace your inner child! Built 40ft in the air, this artwork by Robert Tangui and TACT architectes allows you to slide alongside and around the centuries-old walls of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne and back down to the ground. From such a height, you can fly over the moat, see the courtyard, gardens and the city centre - and have great fun doing it!

Hécate in Place Graslin

Sketch of The Missing Piece in Place Bouffay, Voyage à Nantes 2017 © Boris Chouvellon / LVAN

Hécate is the Greek lunar goddess of magic, a figure of great power and wisdom in ancient mythology, and this artwork by Nicolas Darrot features an enormous statue of her that you can walk through from end to end with a hearth at its centre. Giant in size and steeped in history, this is definitely worth a look in.

The Missing Piece in Place Bouffay


Artist Boris Chouvellon took an old broken ferris wheel with missing parts and decided to turn it into a beautiful art piece. With the seats replaced by buckets and palm trees, the ferris wheel stands completely still and can be seen as ruins from a future society projected onto a disenchanted world.

The Land Where Trees Dream in Place Royale

The Land Where Trees Dream, Voyage à Nantes 2017 © Martin Argyroglo / LVAN

A phantom oasis by Laurent Pernot, this artwork features gigantic trees planted on dry, cracked white soil with white humanoid figures hanging on their tops. It reflects on the history of the city and the role that the sea and river have played on its fortunes and tragedies. An arresting sight.

Artworks in the estuary

In Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and all along the 60km of the Loire estuary are 30 artworks crafted by internationally-renowned artists. The installations are there all year long so they're worth a peek whatever time of year you visit. It is an open-air museum in the heart of a beautiful and fascinating land.

Other awesome stuff to look out for

If you're in Nantes for this spectactular festival, there are many other things in the area worth your time. When you're hungry, La Cantine has stunning fresh fruit and veg growing in its garden so head inside for a tasty meal made from this deliciously fresh produce.

The Hub Galerie has an exhibition of the works of Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel showcasing their sculptures that experiment with clay modelling, wood carving, stone cutting, tapestry, silk painting and ceramics. With their focus on pop imagery, expect for all manner of non-classical sculptures in this gallery! Available from the beginning of July to October 1, there's plenty of time to take it all in!

Are you heading to Le Voyage à Nantes this year? If so, what are you looking forward to seeing? Or have you been in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

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