Normandie's alive with the sound of music

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Each year on 21st June, France reverberates to the sound of music of all genres, as thousands of performers in all corners of the country invade the streets and squares to celebrate the 'Fête de la Musique'.

This year the festivities reached offshore too, with passengers and crew aboard Normandie taking part in a special weekend of musical festivities as the ship sailed between Portsmouth and Caen.

Normandie's regular entertainment team was joined by the Kourosh Kanani Quartet, one of the hottest gypsy jazz bands in the UK. With a classic line-up of two guitars, bass and violin, they performed around the ship, infusing the atmosphere with a relaxing and infectious mixture of modern jazz, hard bop, klezmer music, the blues, and swing.

But the spirit of the Fête de la Musique is music for all, by all types of performer, whether professional or amateur, and many undiscovered musical talents came to the fore - not least among Normandie's crew! Acts included the ship's night-watchman Thierry on accordion, Manu and Samantha from the boutique (singing and guitar), Anthony, an officer (singing and guitar), Mathieu, a matelot (guitar), and Muriel from the boutique (musical sketches).

Our passengers also demonstrated an abundance of musical skill, many taking part in our very own 'Brittany's Got Talent' contest, which also showcased dancing and gymnastic prowess!

To top off the festive ambience, tastings of typically French aperitifs, food and wine were offered, accompanied by equally French music in the form of Thierry on the accordion.

Many thanks to all our passengers and crew members who played a part in making this such a...well...harmonious weekend!

Christopher Jones


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