On the Horizon for 2019: our new ship, Honfleur!

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Meet the Honfleur - named after the delightful port town on the River Seine, our newest vessel will arrive in 2019 and serve on our popular Portsmouth to Caen route.

It's certainly not every day that we commission a new ship - so let's introduce the newest member of the Brittany Ferries fleet!

What will the Honfleur look like?

Above is an artist's impression of how Honfleur will look when she arrives in 2019. She will be the largest vessel in our fleet, by volume, at 42,400 gross tons. That compares with 41,000 for our current flagship Pont-Aven. That's huge!

What's 'under the bonnet'?

Honfleur will be the greenest vessel regularly operating on the English Channel. That's partly thanks to her innovative design,  which burns fuel with no sulphur emissions, much lower particulates and less carbon dioxide than diesel. Expect to hear more about additional environmental initiatives in the build-up to her launch!

Power delivery promises to be very different to other ferries in our fleet. Honfleur's four engines meet a standard known by the collective name diesel-electric-propulsion. It's used extensively on large cruise vessels because it reduces vibration, noise and optimises fuel consumption - particularly at reduced speeds. With a quieter, gentler sailing, you can sleep easy on your way to your next destination.

How will it feel on board?

Our fleet hosts a collection of some 1,000 works of art on board its ships. This includes paintings, sculptures, work in ceramics, photography and more. Alexander Goudie (a Scotsman with a Breton wife) is perhaps the most famous and widely represented on board, following an initial commission for works to fill the interior of Bretagne in 1989.

Honfleur, the ship, will continue this rich tradition, showcasing many works by local artists. You can also expect our trademark fine dining, cinemas, boutiques and much more.

Why did we pick 'Honfleur'?

Honfleur, Normandy, is famed for its rows of colourful, narrow buildings that line a picture-postcard harbour. It's a gem of a town on the eastern extremity of Normandy's Côte Fleurie (flowery coast) that has influenced many painters, especially Eugene Boudin who was born in the town.

Historically, Honfleur owes its prosperity to its strategically located port and thriving trade links forged over the centuries with ports in far-flung corners of the earth including Canada, the West Indies, Africa and the Azores.

It's fitting then that, in 2019, Honfleur will lend its name to a ship capable of carrying 1,680 passengers between Portsmouth and Caen, three times a day, promoting trade and tourism between the UK and Europe.

It's a very exciting time here as we look forward to the construction of Honfleur getting underway at the Flensburger Schiffbau shipyard in Germany. We hope that you'll love our newest vessel when she arrives in 2019 so watch this space for more information about her in the future!

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