Our greener fleet sets sail after £60m on scrubber technology

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Six ships have now been fitted with scrubbers to 'clean' their exhaust fumes and the last to be fitted, Pont-Aven and Armorique, have rejoined the fleet...

The project has taken 18 months for all six ships to be fitted with the scrubbers - Normandie, Cap Finistère, Barfleur, Mont St Michel, Armorique and Pont-Aven. The so-called 'scrubbers' are complex exhaust systems that strip sulphur and particulates from the funnel emissions and will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the emissions from our fleet.

Pont-Aven was the last ship to return to service with her new scrubber installed at the famous Gdansk shipyard in Poland. Operating from Portsmouth and Plymouth to France and Spain as well as from Ireland to France, her scrubbers will be fine-tuned by engineers over the next few weeks.

Armorique has also recently returned to service after having her scrubber fitted at the Astander shipyard in Spain and the design allows passengers to see the complexity of the internal works for themselves. Together, the investment in these two ships cost around £30m.

"As a company we are proud of our reputation as guardians of the land and stewards of the sea," said Mike Bevens, Brittany Ferries group commercial director. "Today we are still largely owned by the collective of French farmers who launched the company more than 40 years ago, with the aim of linking territories and improving trade. These aims have always been framed by a will to respect the environments in which we operate and this significant investment is testament to our on-going commitment."

We're celebrating 30 years of service on the Portsmouth to Caen route this year, which is the most popular of all our routes. Operating year-round with three sailings a day, the route takes 38% of our passenger traffic and around 55% of all our freight traffic and is now largely sulphur-free thanks to scrubbers being fitted on Mont St Michel and Normandie last year.

The scrubbers are just one of the many ways that we are trying to lessen our environmental impact as a company and we support several organisations that promote conservation work and environmental research.

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