Top 10 family attractions in Brittany

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A land of myths and legends, Brittany is a region with a spirit of adventure so there are plenty of attractions for active kids, whether they're into dinosaurs, zoo animals, the world under the sea, or far away in space. The past also has its place with historical villages and a fairytale château to explore.

There's also some great local dishes that kids will love including crêpes, cakes, and for the more adventurous, there's moules frites - mussels and chips, the Breton equivalent of British fish and chips. Parents will be spoilt with seafood dishes and can wash down their crêpes with a boule of local cidre.

Our top family things to do in Brittany

1. Océanopolis

With 68 aquariums filled with 10,000 marine animals from 1,000 species across the world, kids will be entranced by the underwater world of Océanopolis. Sharks, seals, penguins, thousands of fish from the tropical, temperate and polar oceans and even some deep-sea animals - all live here in Brest in this spectacular sealife park.

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2. Château de Fougères

Who's the king, or queen, of the castle? Imaginations can run wild at this magnificent fairytale castle, which is one of the largest surviving fortresses in Europe. There's fantastic views across the Breton countryside as you walk along the ramparts and kids will love exploring the many turrets and towers of this magical château.

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3. Adrenaline Forest

Have kids that need to burn off lots of energy? A tree-top adventure park is always a good bet with active kids and Adrenaline Forest is located just on the outskirts of Rennes. With eight treetop routes that are intended for ages 2 and over, the Black Panther route, 20m up in the trees, and a kilometre-long route made up of five zipwires - there is something for every daredevil here!

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4. Ile de Batz

This pretty little island is a quick 15 minute ferry ride from Roscoff and makes a wonderful daytrip. Find a peaceful spot on the beach to while away a pleasant afternoon or hire a bike to cycle round the island, which is only around two miles long and less than a mile across. There's also a wonderful exotic garden with over 5,000 species of plants from five continents.

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5. Village de Poul Fetan

Discover Breton life in the 19th century at this restored village where you can watch people in historical costume as they demonstrate traditional crafts and techniques including butter churning, wool spinning and pottery making. You can also see livestock being milked and there's always the chance to get your hands dirty joining in the demonstrations.

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6. Parc de Préhistoire de Bretagne

Take your own little monsters to meet some big monsters at this outdoor dinosaur park! There are 30 scenes featuring life-size models of dinosaurs and prehistoric peoples as you follow the route through the park around lakes and into rugged woodland. Get up close with a triceratops, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus and more.

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7. Zoo de Trégomeur

A zoo is a sure-fire hit with kids and the Zoo de Trégomeur is one of the best zoos in Brittany and does a lot of conservation work. With 50 different species, mainly from Asia and Madagascar, you can see big cats, camels, flamingos, gibbons and red pandas, to name just a few. There's also an authentic Vietnamese farmhouse, which was shipped all the way here!

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8. Cité des Télécoms

This exciting telecommunications centre is both great fun and educational. Children will learn about the history of telecommunications from pioneers like Morse and Bell to the satellite communications of today. There's brilliant interactive exhibits and games, and a sound and light show inside the giant sphere, the Radôme, which received the first transatlantic television broadcast.

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9. Planétarium de Bretagne

One of the largest planetariums in Europe, the Planétarium de Bretagne takes you on a voyage into the mysteries of the stars. Watch the universe pass before your eyes in high definition as you look up at the domed screen. There are special shows for kids and some have English commentaries on certain days.

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10. Village Gaulois

This fun day out also benefits people thousands of miles away. Step into the village of the Gauls and Druids and you'll find lots of outdoor activities and games for children. But also, every year, the village donates 60% of its profits to fund schools in Africa, so you can feel good about all that fun as you help fund a worthwhile cause.

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