Top 10 family attractions in Western Loire

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Home to the spellbinding Puy du Fou, voted the best theme park in the world in 2012, Western Loire has much to keep adventurous kids occupied. They'll love wandering around the caves of tuffeau stone, playing king (or queen) of the castle at the many chateaux and marvelling at the incredible mechanical elephant in Nantes.

There's lots of great fresh produce to try including the famous Port Salut cheese, mild enough for children's tastes, and there are plenty of pâtisseries and chocolateries for those little holiday treats. Grown-ups can treat themselves to a glass of Muscadet or a rosé wine from Anjou.

Top 10 family attractions in Western Loire

1. Puy du Fou

A truly spectacular and unique theme park, Puy du Fou is the place where history comes to life in the most incredible shows and adventures. Voted the world's best theme park in 2012, Puy du Fou is fantastic family fun and an unmissable experience for families holidaying in Western Loire.

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2. Machines d'Ile

All aboard the elephant! The Machines d'Ile combine the imagination of Jules Verne with the ingenuity of Leonardo De Vinci in incredible mechanical creatures. Kids will love taking a ride inside a huge mechanical elephant that walks up and down the quayside, spraying passers-by with water from it's trunk!

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3. Château d'Angers

A dramatic sight, this imposing military fortress dates from medieval times and and is great for kids who like to play knights and king (or queen) of the castle. 17 towers with walls 10 feet thick surround pretty sculpted gardens in the interior courtyard.  It is also the home of the famous 100m long Apocalypse Tapestry.

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4. Terra Botanica

Fabulous fun with some education along the way, Terra Botanica is a plant-life theme park, the first of it's kind in Europe. Full of interactive activities and attractions in the huge gardens, aquatic areas and glasshouses, this is a great day out where the kids can learn something and enjoy the great outdoors whilst having lots of fun.

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5, Monkey Forest Adventure Park

Not far from La Baule is this adventure park with thrilling tree-top experiences for all ages. With 36 zipwires, adventure courses for different abilities and lots of games, there's something for everyone to enjoy and even treasure hunts and obstacle courses for children to help them to explore.

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6. Planete Sauvage

A trip to the zoo is always a great day out and Planete Sauvage is one of the best zoos in the region. Drive through the safari park, watch dolphins in a show at the aquatic centre, meet lemurs and meerkats in an African village and walk through the jungle where the macaque monkeys live. You can even stay overnight for a unique zoo experience.

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7. Château de Saumur

Sitting on the banks of the Loire and looking like it's fallen out of the pages of a fairytale, the Château de Saumur is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful chateaux in the region. Today, it has been lovingly restored and is home to several museums, including a toy museum in the dungeons!

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8. Cadre Noir

The National Riding School in Saumur is the home of the Cadre Noir, one of the most famous equestrian display teams in the world. You can take a tour around the riding school to see how the horses and their riders train and, if you're lucky, you might catch a performance of the Cadre Noir showing off their excellent horsemanship skills.

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9. Village Troglodyte

Think humans only lived in caves during prehistoric times? You'd be wrong. The village of Rochemenier is a group of cave dwellings that were carved out of the soft white tuffeau stone around the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Explore the underground chapel and modernised troglodyte house and see what it might be like to live in a cave in style.

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10. Ocearium de Croisic

Discover marine wildlife from oceans all around the globe including sharks from Australia, fish from the Mediterranean, all kinds of marine animals from France's Atlantic coast and even a colony of penguins. A walk through the aquarium tunnel is mesmerising and you can watch the divers as they feed the fish and rays.

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