Welcome to Mars: the out-of-this-world landscape of the Pink Granite Coast

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Don't let the weather stop you from exploring. You can discover this bewitching vista at any time of the year - and the winter waves will add some extra drama!...


There's an other-worldliness to Brittany's Pink Granite Coast. Think Star Trek, set circa 1965, and you won't be a million miles from reality.

Around an hour's drive from the port of Roscoff and two from St Malo, the area spans more than 20 miles of coastline. From Plestin-les-Greves in the west to Louannec in the east, this is one of Brittany's biggest tourist draws. It's easy to see why.

Take the Customs Officers' footpath (the Sentier des Douaniers, also known as the GR34) from the pretty town of Perros Guirec and you'll discover rock formations looming on the horizon - some more than 20 metres high. They appear to be sculpted from giant blocks of polystyrene, with curves and crevasses too strange to be real. Many hold impossibly jaunty angles, piled one on top of another, sometimes teetering on minimal support points.

But it's the gentle pink-orange hue that really puts the alien zap into this landscape of geological Jenga. It's as though a little piece of the red planet has dropped to earth and landed in northern France.

Close up, the rare pink granite reveals the depths of its natural beauty. The composite of feldspar (the colourful bit), quartz and mica combine to present of a variety of shades that change in ambient lighting. Up close, the rocks are rough to the touch too - which makes them great for climbing. There's hours of fun to be had on this Mars-on-earth playground, scaling its pink slopes and leaping from boulder to boulder.

For the less adventurous, the Pink Granite Coast App helps make the most of a day. Its I-Spy challenge will help you find the mushroom, the witch or and the plate of crépes - names to match the most distinctive monoliths. There's also suggested walks, to discover the best of this incredible landscape, with points of interest marked en-route.

If the alien tableau of the Pink Granite Coast is great fun for kids, it's a wonderful spot for adults too. Stay in Perros-Guirec with its sweeping bay, golden sands and fine restaurants filled with glorious local seafood. You'll return to Earth with an even bigger smile on your face!

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