Ireland to France ferries

Whether you want to take a short break or longer holiday, Roscoff is a great place to start. Take the ferry from either Cork or Rosslare to visit Brittany's tourist resorts or hit the motorway for fast travel to the Loire, the Dordogne and the Atlantic Coast.

Cork to Roscoff ferries

Enjoy your sailing aboard our flagship, Pont-Aven. Cork port is easily accessible, especially if you live in the south of Ireland.

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Rosslare to Cherbourg ferries

Sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg you'll find an uncrowded and modern road network from Cherbourg to Paris, the Loire and further south.

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Ferries to France from Ireland

Book on our Irish site for a direct sailing from Ireland to France.

  • Cruise ferry sailings from Cork once a week
  • économie sailings from Rosslare once a week
  • A convenient overnight sailing with a choice of comfortable cabins
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Cruise in comfort and style from Ireland to France onboard the luxurious Pont-Aven. Sailing direct from Cork to Roscoff, our flagship cruise ferry offers an unrivalled experience with a choice of luxury cabins, dining options and entertainment.

Or sail aboard our économie ships from Rosslare for a simpler and cheaper no-frills service.