Portsmouth to Santander ferry crossings

Portsmouth-Santander ferry options

There are three departures from Portsmouth to Santander every week. Foot passengers and cars are carried on our luxury cruise ferries, with a range of comfortable cabin options and exciting onboard entertainments, or on our économie ferries, making the 24-32 hour crossing an enjoyable, relaxing start to any holiday.

Portsmouth to Santander sailing times

  • Three departures each week (24-32 hour crossing time)
  • Set sail at 5.15pm Tuesday and arrive in Spain at 6.15pm Wednesday evening
  • Set sail at 5pm Friday and arrive in Spain at 5.30pm Saturday
  • Set sail at 8.15am or 8.45am Saturday and arrive in Spain at 11.15am or 14.15pm Sunday

Santander to Portsmouth sailing times

  • Three return crossings each week (24-32 hour crossing time)
  • Depart at 3.15pm on Monday and arrive in Portsmouth at 2.15pm on Tuesday
  • Depart at 8.30pm on Saturday and arrive in Portsmouth at 7.45pm on Sunday
  • Depart at 2.15pm or 5.15pm on Sunday and arrive in Portsmouth at 3.15pm or 8.45pm on Monday

View the full Portsmouth to Santander ferry timetable for exact sailing times including seasonal variations.

Plan a family holiday

Getting there: Board the ferry on Tuesday for a 5.15pm departure from Portsmouth to Santander. Have lunch in one of the high quality onboard restaurants - whether you want a sandwich or fine dining or something in between there are choices to suit everyone.

Spend the afternoon swimming, visiting the cinema or browsing the shops before enjoying your evening meal and some live entertainment. You'll have access to your cabin for the whole journey so you can store hand luggage, relax in privacy, allow children to nap during the day and get a good night's sleep too. Spend a leisurely Wednesday morning on board before arriving in Santander at 6.15pm in time for tapas in one of the cities many excellent restaurants.

Getting back: Spend a week or two in Spain then make your homeward journey with a 3.15pm Monday sailing. Relax and enjoy the onboard experience, take advantage of children's entertainments, and the games room while you use free Wi-fi Internet access to catch up on what's been going on at home. See a film after dinner or get an early night in your comfortable cabin. On Tuesday you'll have a full morning to take advantage of the luxury cruise facilities before arriving back in Portsmouth at 2.15pm ready for your journey home.