Group manifests and instructions

We are required to provide Border Authorities both in UK and on the Continent with a variety of mandatory information including dates of birth, prior to sailing. Failure to do so could cause considerable delay at check in or refused travel.

In order for us to comply with these requirements for passengers travelling as part of a group, we require that you fully complete the Group Passenger Manifest with the following details:

  • Name as shown on passport
  • Gender
  • Date of birth and nationality

For non-EU nationals, the passport number and country of issue must be supplied by email to

When completing your manifest, please follow the instructions carefully to provide the correct information. Special attention should be paid to "Special Needs", which apply in the event of an emergency only.

The group leader should always travel with a copy of the group manifest. Any amendments must be notified prior to arrival.

We thank you for your attention in this matter.