Car rallies & large events

Car rallies & multi vehicle events including cycle rides

  • Bookings made via one point of contact with a minimum of 10 vehicles can enjoy a reduction of 10%*
  • Bookings for 21 vehicles or more can benefit from a free vehicle and occupant fare* and this continues on the following ratio: 21st, 42nd, 63rd and 84th car free etc (excludes cycle groups)
  • For very large parties additional reductions may be available (subject to individual consideration)

*Reductions apply to the travel element of the booking and excludes on board accommodation. The same vehicles and occupants must travel on both legs of the journey to qualify for reduction unless otherwise agreed.

In all cases booking requests should be made by e-mail giving full details of dates, times & routes required, numbers of vehicles and any additional requirements such as on board accommodation, meals etc.