24 hours in Roscoff

Only have a limited amount of time to spend in and around Roscoff? Here are our top things that you shouldn't miss while in the area.

Roscoff is a picturesque fishing village known for the beautiful Ile de Batz just off its coast. Head to the island to enjoy botanical gardens and pretty beaches or wander around Roscoff town, home of the Onion Johnnies.

In the surrounding area there are several interesting places to visit including the cathedral at St Pol de Leon, the medieval town of Morlaix and the mystical Cairn de Barnenez. In Brest, you'll discover the world's marine life at Oceanopolis.

For those looking for a quiet scenic trip enjoying some of Brittany's pretty coastline and charming towns, or those interested in learning more about Brittany's maritime heritage, Roscoff is the perfect place from which to explore.

Getting there: With daily sailings from Plymouth to Roscoff throughout most of the year, Roscoff is an ideal day trip destination.

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What can I do in a day?

Visit beautiful beaches and gardens, marvel at medieval architecture and enjoy some Breton-style shopping...

Here's an example itinerary of what you could do with your day in Roscoff...

08:00 Arrive in Roscoff and head to one of its cafés or bakeries for a delicious French breakfast.

14:30 Before heading out of town, visit the Onion Johnnies museum to find out about the men who would come selling their onions door to door in Britain from their bicycle.

08:45 Enjoy a quiet wander around the town as it comes to life and head down towards the beach to the jetty to take the ferry across to the tiny, pretty Ile de Batz.

15:15 Drive south to Morlaix, around 30 minutes away.

10:00 The ferry crossing to the island takes just 15 minutes.

15:45 Morlaix has some wonderfully-preserved architecture from the Middle Ages. Head to the Duchess Anne's House and the Maison de Pondalez to discover more about these half-timber houses and their history.

11:00 With its temperate climate due to its place in the Gulf Stream, the island is perfect for growing a variety of plants in George Delaselle's exotic garden. There's over 2000 plant species here from five continents.

17:00 Wander along the riverside and check out the shops that Morlaix has to offer. It's the perfect place to pick up some Breton gifts. Then pop to the supermarket to stock up on some French goodies.

12:00 Stop for lunch on the island. There are several crêperies where you can enjoy the Breton speciality of savoury galettes. Finish up with a sumptuous crêpe for dessert!

19:00 Enjoy dinner in Morlaix by the riverside at one of Morlaix's restaurants. You'll find several in the shadow of the viaduct, making for a lovely view.

14:00 Take the ferry back to the mainland.

20:30 Drive back to Roscoff in time for your sailing home.

Things to do in and around Roscoff

The unmissable sights and attractions in Roscoff.

A charming island only a 15 minute boat trip from Roscoff's harbour is a stunning natural paradise of moorland, lush wetlands, rocky coasts and sandy beaches.

Home to 3,500 different plant species from across the southern hemisphere, the Jardin Exotique in Roscoff is a beautiful garden full of winding paths.

The museum of the onion Johnnies tells the story of the Onion Johnnies, who came across from France on their bicycles to sell onions door-to-door in England.

Further afield

Head out to more great places to visit nearby.

St Pol de Léon in Brittany is an historic town known for its religious heritage and the vegetable farming around the town, which made it one of the largest market-garden regions in Europe.

Morlaix in Brittany is a medieval town famous for its 19th century viaduct, charming 16th century half-timber houses and the beautiful Bay of Morlaix.

Brest in Brittany is a port city with a strong military history and is home to Océanopolis, a huge ocean discovery centre that is the only one of its kind in Europe.