The walls of Intra-Muros around St Malo from the marina © Shutterstock

The walls of Intra-Muros around St Malo from the marina © Shutterstock

24 hours in St Malo

Only have a limited amount of time to spend in and around St Malo? Here are our top things that you shouldn't miss while in the area.

St Malo, a walled city built in medieval times, is renowned for its beautiful 18th century ramparts, fascinating seafaring history of privateering and pirates and its independent spirit - the locals call themselves Malouins rather than Bretons!

Step back in time with pirates, enjoy beautiful medieval architecture and dine in fabulous restaurants. Here's an example itinerary for what you could do with your day in St Malo...

What can I do in a day in St Malo?

08:30 Arrive in St Malo and head to one of its quaint cafés or bakeries for a delicious French breakfast

09:00 Wander the cobbled streets of Intra Muros and explore the curious and charming shops of the wonderful old town

10:00 Visit the medieval château which houses the town museum inside its great keep to find out about St Malo's piratical history and the period of Occupation during WW2

11:00 Take a look around the beautiful cathedral, which was heavily damaged by bombing during WW2

11:30 Get a breath of fresh air by walking on the ramparts or go for a stroll on the beach

12:15 Drive to stylish Dinard, just a half hour's drive away

12:45 Enjoy lunch with a seafront view at one of Dinard's excellent restaurants

14:30 Explore Dinard and go for a wander along the coastal path. See how may of the marvellous Belle Epoque villas you can find hiding out in the trees

16:00 Drive back to St Malo

16:30 Stop off at the Tour Solidor and head up to the stairs to the maritime museum at the top. There's lovely panoramic views of the estuary

17:00 Before heading back into town, go shopping at a supermarket to stock up on French goodies

19:00 Time to try the delights of St Malo's restaurants for dinner! Take your time and enjoy a drink or two afterwards while you wait for the ship to arrive

Getting there: With year-round almost daily sailings from Portsmouth to St Malo, St Malo is an ideal day trip destination

Where is our port in St Malo? It's just a few minutes from the centre of the beautiful town. Get directions and find out more about the facilities at the port.

St Malo and places nearby

Don't miss nearby Dinard, the charming town of Dinan or the incredible abbey of Mont St Michel.

St Malo beach and intra-munos



Mont St Michel, Normandy, France



Viaduct at Dinan



Blue and white beach huts at Dinard's Plage de l'Ecluse © Yannick le Gal, BRTC