Roseraie de Saverne

Alsace Lorraine
Great Outdoors

The 'Roseraie de Saverne' is a beautiful rose garden with around 1500 different species, located in Saverne, the City of Roses. First set up over 100 years ago by the rose breeder, Louis Walter, the garden hosts a rose festival annually in June.

Places to visit nearby

Saverne in Alsace Lorraine is famous as the town of the unicorn and for the magnificent Château des Rohan that stands beside the canal.

Strasbourg in Alsace Lorraine is a cultured and artistic city on the German border that is at a crossroads of Europe.

Nancy in Alsace Lorraine is a beautiful city set amidst the Alsace countryside with a stunning historic centre.

Nearby attractions

Château des Rohan, also known as Château Neuf, is a Neoclassicist monumental building in the city of Saverne. The 140 metre wide façade of red vosges sandstone is considered to be one of the most impressive examples of its...

The beautiful Taverne Katz, with its amazingly ornate façade, is one of the most interesting buildings in the town. Built in 1605 for Henri Katz who was the chief tax collector, it is a spectacular example of a medieval timber...

The grass-roofed Vauban Dam is a weir built by its namesake between 1686 and 1700 on the river Ill. Several stories high, it houses sculptures in its main level and a panoramical terrace on its roof.