Grand Theatre

Entertainment and Leisure

Built in 1780, the impressive Grand Theatre is one of the finest buildings in the city of Bordeaux and took 7 years to construct. A splendid work of Neoclassical architecture, it was restored in 1991 and taken back to its original interior of sumptuous blue and gold decorations.

With 200,000 spectators coming through its doors today to see musicals, ballets, opera and concerts, why not enjoy a show in these spectacular surroundings?

Places to visit nearby

Bordeaux in Aquitaine is the region's capital and the home of French wine-making, recognised world-wide for its excellent wines, and is beautifully situated on the River Garonne.

Saint-Émilion in Aquitaine is the oldest wine area in the Bordeaux region and is a pretty medieval town with magnificent underground catacombs.

Arcachon in Aquitaine is a beautiful coastal town inside the inspiring inland sea of the bay of Arcachon.

Nearby attractions

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Housed inside the 18th century Hôtel de Lalande, the Museum of Decorative Arts of Bordeaux showcases many forms of decorative arts from several different eras including furniture, glassware, silverware, ceramics, engravings,...

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