Activity and Theme Parks

Uncover the mysteries of our planet's creation and the world that exists  beneath the Earth's crust, at Vulcania, the volcano theme park in Auvergne. Learn about the inner workings of these mountains of fire, take part in fun, interactive science experiments and go on a journey to the heart of a volcano.

Take a bumpy ride into the magmatic chamber of an active volcano at Magma Explorer. Strap yourself in for the Dragon Ride, a breathtaking plunge into gaping chasms and mysterious gorges inhabited by a myriad of mythic and legendary creatures. And watch some incredible immersive film experiences, including a 4D film where images of real eruptions merge with lifelike special effects and a simulated flight over an erupting supervolcano where you can feel its devastating power.

All this and many more fun and exciting activities can be found at this incredible educational park. Outside, you can go for a ride in the VolcanBul, an electric car of the future that drives you around the stunning natural landscape of the Vulcania park with views across the incredible Chaîne des Puys region of dormant volcanoes. There is even an area for younger kids between the ages of 3 and 7 where fun activities are tailored to them.

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