Musée de Pre-Histoire


Discover the world of the ancients at the Musée de Préhistoire. Wander through time with over 6600 exhibits about the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, travelling into the Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages of early history.

The museum has 3 reconstructed graves from the Mesolithic and Iron Ages as well as a multitude of exhibits including tools, jewellery and ceramics, with some casts taken of the carved stones found at dolmens in the region. With exhibitions focusing on the afterlife and engravings during the Neolithic period, many of the artefacts in the collection have come from the Carnac alignments and some small islands off the Brittany coast. There are also Roman artefacts excavated from a nearby Roman villa.

Uncover the everyday lives of our ancestors as well as tracing their funerary architecture from gallery graves to passage tombs.

Places to visit nearby

Carnac in Brittany is a small town on the River Crac'h that is most famous for its wealth of pre-historic megalithic monuments, the Carnac Stones.

Quiberon in Brittany is a pretty fishing port at the tip of the slim Quiberon Peninsula.

Located in Morbihan, on the Southern coast of Brittany, the fascinating city of Vannes is an intriguing mix of antiquity and urbanisation

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