Basilica of St Saveur

Landmarks and Historic Buildings

Enter through a Romanesque porch and discover the dissymetry of this church with one half in Romanesque style and the other in Flamboyant Gothic. Inside this 12th century church is kept the heart of Bertrand du Guesclin, marked by a monument in the north transept. The church itself is beautiful with some stunning sculptures of wild and exotic animals on the outside and some beautiful modern stained glass windows.


Places to visit nearby

Dinan in Brittany is a charming riverside town, full of medieval history, with a 13th century castle and ramparts that encircle this well-preserved sanctuary where time has stood still.

Dinard in Brittany is a fashionable seaside resort that first came to popularity during the Belle Epoque of the 19th century.

The beautiful city of St Malo in Brittany curves out to sea on a stunning natural harbour that has created some of the best sandy beaches on the Emerald Coast.

Nearby attractions

The clock tower stands 40m tall and is a brilliant place to get your bearings with the view from the top. On a good day it is even possible to see Mont St Michel.

A brilliant example of Flamboyant Gothic architecture, the church began construction in the 15th century and is well worth a visit to admire the beautiful architecture and the wonderful stained glass windows.

Now the town museum, this 13th century castle is a great example of Breton military fortifications, used not only against the invading English, but also the invading French!