Le Port Musée


Douarnenez is a wonderful fishing harbour. The Port Musée is a national boat-museum in two parts; 4 boats afloat in the harbour to visit from deck to hold and a modern indoor museum with an impressive collection of various origins.
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Places to visit nearby

Quimper is a charming city in Brittany which is renowned for its faïence and is situated in a pretty valley where the rivers Odet and Steir meet.

Brest in Brittany is a port city with a strong military history and is home to Océanopolis, a huge ocean discovery centre that is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Pont-Aven in Brittany is a picturesque mill town best known for its association with the painter Paul Gauguin.

Nearby attractions

Explore this small peninsula, with its jagged edges eaten away by the sea, that is located between Douarnenez and Brest. With its spectacular sea views, rugged cliffs and caves, as well as tiny coves and inlets, the area is a...

Quimper has been associated with the ceramics industry for over 300 years and is the home of some of the finest produced faïence in all of France.

Pottery-making began in Locmaria in the 15th century but only took off in earnest with the foundation of HB Henriot's in 1690. The brush strokes of their logo have become synonymous with fine Quimper faïence and their workshop...