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The Festival des Filets Bleus (or "Blue Nets Festival") was sparked by a tragic event and yet has always been a fun and friendly celebration.

The event came about in 1905 in Finistère in Brittany as a means of supporting the people of Concarneau, a small fishing village that was all but crippled by the sudden disappearance of sardine shoals from local waters.

Though the event is now history, this joyous celebration still takes place every year. To recreate the 1905 feel in the streets of Concarneau centre, organisers have planned period photograph exhibits and retrospective film screenings, and a number of people will be wearing traditional costumes. Expect a time warp into the early 20th century, with fish markets, foot races, folk dances and all kinds of activities and events. Old sailor's songs will be followed by bagadou brass bands or "fanfares", Celtic music concerts and a whole range of old-style, typically Breton performances.

Put your dancing shoes on and come take part in the traditional fest noz (night feasts), noz glas (blue nights) and nozvezh breizh (Breton nights)…

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