Forêt d'Huelgoat

Great Outdoors

The Forêt d'Huelgoat is a magical forest full of myths and legends. It is said that King Arthur walked these woods and left some of his treasure in a cave called the Grotte d'Artus. Ramble across the over-sized boulders and discover enchanting streams, fairy pools and incredible rock formations that have earned themselves some intriguing nicknames. Kids will love an adventure through this fairytale forest. There is a circular walk through the forest from the watermill by the lake and guides are available from the Tourist Office.



Places to visit nearby

Huelgoat in Brittany is a secluded village, nestled in the Monts d'Arrée, that is home to the magical Forêt d'Huelgoat where unusual rock formations and fascinating myths and legends abound.

Morlaix in Brittany is a medieval town famous for its 19th century viaduct, charming 16th century half-timber houses and the beautiful Bay of Morlaix.

St Pol de Léon in Brittany is an historic town known for its religious heritage and the vegetable farming around the town, which made it one of the largest market-garden regions in Europe.

Nearby attractions

The lake at Huelgoat is a pretty and peaceful environment in quaint village surroundings. A manmade lake built to provide water for the nearby silver and lead mines, it flows into the River Argent and into the streams and...

The Duchess Anne's House, the Maison dite de la Duchesse Anne, is one of Morlaix's most famous monuments and is an excellent example of the lantern houses which were unique to Morlaix during the Renaissance era.

Descend into the magical realm of fairtyales, myths and Arthurian legend at the Armorique Natural Park.