Duchess Anne's House

Landmarks and Historic Buildings

The Duchess Anne's House, the Maison dite de la Duchesse Anne, is one of Morlaix's most famous monuments and is an excellent example of the lantern houses which were unique to Morlaix during the Renaissance era. Built with a covered interior courtyard, known as a lantern, which holds a great fireplace and elaborately carved spiral staircase made of oak, the house is a remarkable work of medieval architecture. It's timber beamed facade has many wonderful ornate sculptures carved into the wood - see how many saints and other figures you can make out.



Places to visit nearby

Morlaix in Brittany is a medieval town famous for its 19th century viaduct, charming 16th century half-timber houses and the beautiful Bay of Morlaix.

St Pol de Léon in Brittany is an historic town known for its religious heritage and the vegetable farming around the town, which made it one of the largest market-garden regions in Europe.

Roscoff is a picturesque fishing village on the North coast of Brittany and is an idyllic introduction to Brittany's rustic charms.

Nearby attractions

Situated on the Kernéléhén peninsula in the Finistère-Nord region, the Barnenez Cairn is a truly exceptional megalithic site.

Originally built by the residents and traders of Morlaix to protect the town from the English in 1544, the Château du Taureau has changed its purpose several times during its lifetime.

The Kreisker chapel has the highest spire in all of Brittany and is a beautiful Romanesque chapel in St Pol de Léon.