Armorique Regional Natural Park

Pont Aven
Great Outdoors

Descend into the magical realm of fairy tales, myths and Arthurian legend at the Armorique Natural Park. Wander amongst the mystical hills of Mont d'Arrée that are even older than the Alps, or visit Arthur's Cave, the Grotte d'Artus, where Arthur is supposed to have hidden treasure. Explore the sharp rocks of  the parks highest hill, Tuchen Gador, or go to the top of Mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts where the Chapel of St Michel stands, protecting those traveling below near Elez Yeun - a marshland claimed to be one of the gates of hell.

Places to visit nearby

Brest in Brittany is a port city with a strong military history and is home to Océanopolis, a huge ocean discovery centre that is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Huelgoat in Brittany is a secluded village, nestled in the Monts d'Arrée, that is home to the magical Forêt d'Huelgoat where unusual rock formations and fascinating myths and legends abound.

Quimper is a charming city in Brittany which is renowned for its faïence and is situated in a pretty valley where the rivers Odet and Steir meet.

Nearby attractions

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