Promenade des Moulins

Pont Aven
Great Outdoors

Follow this walking route through Pont-Aven to discover the 15 mills that were once the lifeblood of the town. Scattered both upstream and downstream of the main deck, these pretty mills were the inspiration for some of the best-loved works of Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin.

Dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, some from much earlier, many of these mills continued working up until the 1950s. Often built by monks and lords, the mills were generally grist mills for grinding grain and the mill ponds were used as fisheries. The grain milled here helped to make Pont-Aven's famous galettes and biscuits.

Today, the mills' wooden wheels and other equipment have been restored so you can imagine just what it would have been like to work here. Discover the mills, the moulin Grand Poulguin, moulin Petit Poulguin, moulin Haut-Bois, moulin Plessis, moulin Kermentec... and many more on this picturesque walk that is signposted by wooden plaques throughout the town.


Places to visit nearby

Pont-Aven in Brittany is a picturesque mill town best known for its association with the painter Paul Gauguin.

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Huelgoat in Brittany is a secluded village, nestled in the Monts d'Arrée, that is home to the magical Forêt d'Huelgoat where unusual rock formations and fascinating myths and legends abound.

Nearby attractions

Set up by fans of the Ecole de Pont-Aven, this museum is dedicated to the Impresssionist artworks of this artistic school, which was led by Paul Gauguin in the 1880s.

Famed for inventing the butter biscuits called galettes in 1920, the Biscuiterie Traou Mad is a visible presence in Pont-Aven with 3 shops across the town.

This 'wood of love' was popular with Gaugin and the other painters of the École de Pont-Aven. Take a perfect walk amongst the calmness of the great trees and the quietly babbling river. Why not wander up to the pretty Tremalo...