Abbaye de Bon Repos

Landmarks and Historic Buildings

Legend has it that Viscount Alain III of Rohan founded the Abbaye de Bon Repos in the 12th century after the Virgin Mary appeared to him in a dream. Formerly the home of Cistercian monks, the abbey fell into ruin until, in 1986, it was rescued by a group of enthusiasts. The main building of the abbey is a hollow shell but other parts of the abbey have since been restored. These restored sections are now filled with contemporary art and the abbey has artists in residence, as well as guest artists, and encourages art in the local community.

A local farmers' market is held every Sunday morning at the abbey from April to November, and visitors in August can enjoy a spectacular sound and light show. There is also a crêperie, cafe and restaurant, as well as an herbarium and a shop selling minerals and jewellery.

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