Musée Départmental Breton


The museum of Brittany is housed in what was once the palace of the Bishops of Cornwall. Perfect for anyone interested in the history of this region, the displays include works of ancient art and folk art along with ancient pottery, furniture and a Quimper faïences retrospective.

There are 2 whole floors dedicated to the tradition and arts of the Breton people with their traditional costumes and furniture on show. Archaeological finds including gold jewellery from the Bronze and Iron Ages, Roman and Gallic coins and some never before seen gold coins of France and England are also on display here.

Places to visit nearby

Quimper is a charming city in Brittany which is renowned for its faïence and is situated in a pretty valley where the rivers Odet and Steir meet.

Pont-Aven in Brittany is a picturesque mill town best known for its association with the painter Paul Gauguin.

Huelgoat in Brittany is a secluded village, nestled in the Monts d'Arrée, that is home to the magical Forêt d'Huelgoat where unusual rock formations and fascinating myths and legends abound.

Nearby attractions

This glorious 16th century cathedral is an outstanding example of Gothic architecture that towers over the city. Visible between the narrow streets, the cathedral is Quimper's most recognisable landmark.

First opened in 1857 this museum of fine arts underwent a complete renovation of its interior in 1993 to become a modern and bright backdrop to the museum's collections.

Pottery-making began in Locmaria in the 15th century but only took off in earnest with the foundation of HB Henriot's in 1690. The brush strokes of their logo have become synonymous with fine Quimper faïence and their workshop...