Great Outdoors

Generally considered to be the Forest de Paimpont, Brocéliande is the fabled wood of Arthurian legend. About an hour out of Rennes, here you can discover the Valley of No Return where Morgan le Fay trapped unfaithful men, her spell only broken by Lancelot's true love for Guinevere, Merlin's Tomb and the Fountain of Youth amongst other mystical monuments.

Explore the brooks and streams, the curious megaliths, the strong oaks and enjoy the magic of this mystical place where faeries are also said to have lived.


Places to visit nearby

Rennes in Brittany is a vibrant capital city of impressive architecture, excellent shopping and wonderful gastronomic delights.

Dinan in Brittany is a charming riverside town, full of medieval history, with a 13th century castle and ramparts that encircle this well-preserved sanctuary where time has stood still.

Pontivy in Brittany is a charming market town on the River Blavet, and the Nantes to Brest canal, that has medieval roots and became one of Napoleon's 'new towns' in the 19th century.

Nearby attractions

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