La Maison des Johnnies et de l'Oignon de Roscoff


The museum of the Onion Johnnies tells the story of the Onion Johnnies who came across from France on their bicycles to sell onions door to door in England from the mid-1800s onwards. Through photographs, films and a guided tour to visit an onion grower, you'll learn all about these men and about the production of the Roscoff onion, which now has its own AOC label - certifying that it comes from a 'controlled designation of origin'.


Places to visit nearby

Roscoff is a picturesque fishing village on the North coast of Brittany and is an idyllic introduction to Brittany's rustic charms.

St Pol de Léon in Brittany is an historic town known for its religious heritage and the vegetable farming around the town, which made it one of the largest market-garden regions in Europe.

Morlaix in Brittany is a medieval town famous for its 19th century viaduct, charming 16th century half-timber houses and the beautiful Bay of Morlaix.

Nearby attractions

Built in the mid-1500s, the ornate Notre Dame de Croatz Batz with its unusual twin bell tower is an instantly recognisable silhouette against the Roscoff skyline.

Home to 3,500 different plant species from across the southern hemisphere, the Jardin Exotique in Roscoff is a beautiful garden full of winding paths.

A charming island only a 15 minute boat trip from Roscoff's harbour is a stunning natural paradise of moorland, lush wetlands, rocky coasts and sandy beaches.