Musée de d'Histoire de Vannes

Attractions and places of interest

A beautiful 15th century mansion where Parliament once sat, this remarkable building is now a museum of archaeology and contains exhibits on the history of the city. The château itself was built for the bishop of Nantes before becoming the meeting place of the Breton parliament. 

Today, you can discover archaeological collections from the prehistoric periods, Bronze Age and the Gallo-Roman period here. The museum has, in particular, some interesting funerary exhibits from the Neolithic period that have been found at some of the largest megalithic sites in the Morbihan region.

Nearby attractions

La Cohue was a covered market in medieval times and is now home to the museum of Fine Arts of Vannes. Containing modern and contemporary works from painters such as Jean Bazaine. Alfred Manessier and Genevieve Asse, the museum...

The striking cathedral of Vannes is the focal point of the ancient walled town. Of Gothic style and built in the place of the former Romanesque cathedral, sections of the cathedral have been built across 7 centuries as it was...

These 530 hectares of coastline are exceptionally important for the conservation of waterbirds. Follow the trails to explore the reserve and see the multitude of wildlife such as wildfowl, dragonflies and butterflies.

20 minutes out from the centre of Vannes is this Cider House in the gorgeous countryside of Le Hézo. Take a guided tour around the museum of traditional machinery and watch a 20 minute screening that immerses you in the lives...

Places to visit nearby

Located in Morbihan, on the Southern coast of Brittany, the fascinating city of Vannes is an intriguing mix of antiquity and urbanisation

Carnac in Brittany is a small town on the River Crac'h that is most famous for its wealth of pre-historic megalithic monuments, the Carnac Stones.

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