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Le Havre
17th Feb 18
11th Mar 19
A fascination with nature.

This exhibition invites you on an exceptional journey into the natural world!
From bio-mimicry to interactions, via animal...
Exhibitions and Tours
24th Feb 18
10th Nov 19
An exhibition to understand why Nantes is a rock city!

The Nantes scene is today recognised as one of the richest in France. A story written over six decades. By the...
Exhibitions and Tours
15th Mar 18
23rd Apr 19
Art showcase.

For the seventh consecutive year, artists from the Caen / Cherbourg College of Arts and Media will have their work showcased.
The Abbaye-aux-Dames...
Exhibitions and Tours
25th May 18
25th Feb 19
Plant models over 100 years old.

The amazing collection of Dr. Auzoux. At the end of the nineteenth century, Dr. Auzoux's institutions began to create botanical models...
Exhibitions and Tours
13th Jul 18
01st Jul 19
Eating at home around the world.

Photographer Peter Menzel and his wife Faith d'Aluisio have traveled the world asking what do different people typically eat...
Exhibitions and Tours
15th Sep 18
03rd Feb 19
An unusual way to discover the city.

How well do you know Vannes? Emma Burr's graphic works and Bettina Clasen's films present little-known facets of...