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Exhibitions and Tours
24th Feb 18
10th Nov 19
An exhibition to understand why Nantes is a rock city!

The Nantes scene is today recognised as one of the richest in France. A story written over six decades. By the...
Exhibitions and Tours
13th Jul 18
01st Jul 19
Eating at home around the world.

Photographer Peter Menzel and his wife Faith d'Aluisio have traveled the world asking what do different people typically eat...
Musical Entertainment
09th Nov 18
01st Jun 19
Death of a saint, human passions.

Queen Christina of Sweden's favourite musician, Alessandro Stradella was a key figure in the Roman Baroque scene.
The composer...
Leisure & Discovery
21st Feb 19
31st Dec 19
Taste your way around Nantes.

Dates to be confirmed.

Nantes Wine Tour invites you to discover the vineyards of Nantes. On this minibus tour you...
Exhibitions and Tours
22nd Mar 19
15th Jul 19
Impressions of an era.

On its 10th anniversary, the Impressionism Museum in Giverny has chosen to celebrate the work of Claude Monet, juxtaposing it with...
Exhibitions and Tours
27th Apr 19
17th Jun 19
A certain idea of contemporary art.

Since gratuating from the Superior School of Arts in Brest, Eva Taulier has been exhibited many times. Based between Nantes and...