Museum of Art and History Beurnier Rossel

Franche Comté

A beautiful historic house near the town hall, the Beurnier-Rossel mansion houses the the Museum of Art and History in Montbéliard. Providing a snapshot of what life was like for the urban bourgeoisie in the 18th and 19th centuries, the reception rooms on the first floor contain furniture and paintings that create a decadent atmosphere of this rich past. The second floor features exhibits relating to the town's history so you can learn more about the traditions of the area, whilst in the attic you'll find a rare collection of music boxes by L'Epée on display.


Places to visit nearby

Montbéliard in Franche Comté was once the property of the dukes of Württemberg, sitting in peaceful countryside on the Swiss border, and is the home of Peugeot cars.

Arbois in Franche Comté is the capital of the renowned Jura wines and is the perfect base for exploring the stunning natural environment of mountains, gorges, caves and waterfalls in the area.

Dole in Franche Comté is a pretty town with an historical centre that is set in the beautiful countryside of the Doubs valley.

Nearby attractions

Located on an outcrop of rock, the Château de Montbéliard, also known as the Château des ducs de Württemberg, surveys the town of Montbéliard.

A small museum where you can learn all about the wines of the Jura, the Musée de la Vigne et du Vin has a particular focus on the unusual Vin Jaune.

Containing many of Pasteur's personal souvenirs such as family portraits and a picture of the shepherd who Pasteur famously saved using his anti-rabies treatment, Louis Pasteur's house sits on the beautiful bank sof the...