Jardin du Luxembourg

Ile de France
Great Outdoors

Paris has many wonderful parks and gardens for a relaxing stroll so why not take a turn about Paris' most popular garden, the Jardin de Luxembourg? The garden of the French Senate building, the Luxembourg Palace, which was built by Maria de Medici in the early 1600s, the garden was the first in France to be influenced by Italian Baroque design.

This vast 25 acre garden has much to see with an orchard where the Louise Bonne d'Avranches pears are a speciality, an orangery with trees up to 300 years old, a beekeeping apiary, and 3600 m² of greenhouses that include an orchid collection first begun in 1838. Go for a walk under the trees, some of which can be dated to as far back as the 17th century, and discover over 100 statues of famous artists, queens, saints, and mythological characters and the glorious Medici fountain.

There are lots of places to sit in this very Parisian garden, and much for the kids to do with a puppet theatre, tennis courts, croquet, roundabouts, swings and more. A great place to spend some time with all the family in the fresh air when you are tired of visiting Paris' main attractions!


Places to visit nearby

Paris in Ile de France is France's capital city and a hub of art, culture and fashion that is the most visited city in the world!

Versailles in Ile de France is the home of one of France's most famous and spectacular monuments - the Palace of Versailles.

Giverny in Normandy is a picturesque village that captured the heart of Monet, becoming his home town and inspiring many of his most famous works.

Nearby attractions

Paris has many museums to visit but one of the best, after the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay, of course, is the Musée National du Moyen Age, a museum of the Middle Ages.

Possibly the most famous cathedral in the world, and the legendary haunt of Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre-Dame, the Notre Dame de Paris is an unmissable sight in France's capital.

The city of Paris has some stunning religious architecture and the beautiful Sainte Chapelle should be high on your list for a visit. Its upper chapel contains an incredible 6,458sqft of stained glass in deep reds and blues...