Chartres Cathedral

Loire Valley
Landmarks and Historic Buildings

An ornate Gothic masterpiece, Chartres cathedral contains the largest collection of original medieval stained glass in the world. A major pilgrimage destination since the Middle Ages, with a route between here and the Notre Dame de Paris, the cathedral contains the Sancta Camisa, said to be the tunic worn by Mary when she gave birth to Jesus Christ. The cathedral stands on a hill above the city, and is one of the best preserved examples of Gothic architecture in France.

Places to visit nearby

Chartres in the Loire Valley is an historic city on the River Eure, famous for its ornate cathedral and its reputation for producing fine perfumery.

Versailles in Ile de France is the home of one of France's most famous and spectacular monuments - the Palace of Versailles.

Orléans in the Loire Valley is a city rich with history and famous for its links to Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orléans.

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