Machines de l'île

Atlantic Loire Valley

An unprecedented artistic project combining the imaginative and invented worlds of Jules Verne with the mechanical ingenuity of Leonardo De Vinci, the Machines de ''île is the brainchild of François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice. Inside a former shipyard is the workshop and gallery of the artists' steel and wood works where you can meet the engineers themselves as they work on their latest projects and marvel as the mechanical animals periodically come to life. Children and adults alike will be astounded at the beauty of these mechanical creatures and don't forget to board the Great Elephant, a 12-metre-high mechanical ride, and experience a unique stroll along the quayside!

Places to visit nearby

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La Baule in Atlantic Loire Valley is a fantastic, stylish seaside resort famed for its beach - an expanse of fine sand nearly 9km long that is regarded as one of the best beaches in Europe.

Angers in Atlantic Loire Valley is an artistic city on the banks of the River Maine, that is steeped in medieval history and full of beautiful gardens and parks.

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