Gouffre de Padirac

Midi Pyrénées

A spectacular chasm leading into a huge cave system, the Gouffre de Padirac is a magnificent natural wonder. Descend 103m into the chasm by elevator or on foot and discover an underground world created over millenia by water.

Your 1 hour and 30 minutes guided tour takes you on a boat journey through the tunnels and into the stunning Lac de Pluie where a phenomenal stalactite, the 60m high Grand Pendeloque hangs from the ceiling. From there, you explore further on foot into the serene Lac des Doeurs and the incredible 94m high Grand Dôme chamber where the rock formations of the cave walls are truly astounding.

Places to visit nearby

Rocamadour in the Midi-Pyrénées is a dramatic village built on a cliff face, famed through the centuries as a place of pilgrimage and for its Rocamadour goats cheese.

Sarlat in Aquitaine is a pretty medieval market town surrounded by lush forests and countryside that is famous for its culinary delights of foie gras and truffles.

Cahors in the Midi-Pyrénées is the home of black wine from the malbec grape and is uniquely built on a twist in the River Lot.

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