Musée Georges Labit

Midi Pyrénées

Housed inside a Moorish style villa, the Musée Georges Labit is a wonderful museum which hosts a collection of Asian art that spans 3 millenia. With exhibits from India, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Tibet and Nepal, as well as a large exhibt of Egyptian antiquities including a burial chamber with a mummy and a sarcophagus, the museum is a thrilling look into the past of Asia and the Far East.

Outside is a beautiful garden of Asian and Mediterranean plants where a new specialised library has recently opened with over 1,500 works dedicated to the history of Asian art and Egyptian antiquities. 


Places to visit nearby

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Cahors in the Midi-Pyrénées is the home of black wine from the malbec grape and is uniquely built on a twist in the River Lot.

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