Arromanches 360 Cinema


The Arromanches 360 cinema is an immersive experience with 9 screens showing a high definition film containing archive footage of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy. Located on the clifftops at Arromanches, the cinema dominates over the remains of the Mulberry B harbour at Gold Beach. Co-financed by the Région Basse-Normandie and the Mémorial de Caen, the film is produced by the makers of the hugely successful French television WW2 documentary series, Apocalypse. Presented in high definition on the circular cinema of 9 screens, the film tells the story of the Battle of Normandy with archive footage gathered from around the world, and is a tribute to the soldiers from all countries and the 20,000 civilians killed during the liberation of Europe.  

Places to visit nearby

Bayeux in Normandy is a beautiful medieval city, brimming with history, and is the home of the famous Bayeux Tapestry.

Caen, in Normandy, is one of the oldest university towns in France. Bustling with activity, it is a vibrant and attractive city on the River Orne.

Carentan in Normandy is a quaint town surrounded by vast wetlands and marshes teeming with wildlife - but it is most famous as the site of the Battle of Carentan during the Battle of Normandy in WW2.

Nearby attractions

The Musée du Débarquement was the first museum built to commemorate D-Day and the Normandy Campaign and overlooks the remains of the Mulberry B Harbour.

From a British perspective, a good place to start your tour is the small village of Arromanches, just a few miles away from Bayeux. This is Gold Beach where the British 50th Division landed.

Visit the Longues-sur-Mer Gun Battery and let history stand still. The battery atop these 65m high cliffs is the only one on the Atlantic Wall to retain its original guns.