Site Fortifié Hillman

Landmarks and Historic Buildings

The Site Fortifié Hillman, or Hillman Strongpoint, is a 24 hectare site made up of 18 concrete bunkers connected by underground trenches. The site was a defensive command post on the Côte de Nacre, but was unfinished when the Allies arrived on D-Day. The Suffolk Regiment 1st Battalion captured the site after arriving on Sword Beach.

Today, much of the site is open to visitors including the Hunter Bunker, where Colonel Krug and his soldiers hid on the night of 6th June 1944 before surrendering, and a rare R605 bunker, 1 of only 5 of this type left in Europe, which is now a memorial in honour of the Suffolk Regiment.

The site is open all year round with the Suffolk Memorial, a small museum, open all days except Sunday from July to September. During this period, guided visits are organised every Tuesday and will be running during D-Day Commemoration Week.

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