Memorial de la Liberté Retrouvée


The Memorial de la Liberté Retrouvée uses a 1000m modern exhibition space to tell the chronological story of WW2 in Normandy. A great museum for adults and children alike, there are lively and realistic scenes of daily life under the Occupation, and even a reconstructed street of shops and houses. Just north of Utah Beach, the museum also includes genuine Atlantic Wall bunkers. There's also a 55 seat cinema showing the film 'From Cherbourg to Utah Beach'.

Places to visit nearby

Carentan in Normandy is a quaint town surrounded by vast wetlands and marshes teeming with wildlife - but it is most famous as the site of the Battle of Carentan during the Battle of Normandy in WW2.

Cherbourg, in Normandy, is a port town with a seafaring history that is second to none.

Bayeux in Normandy is a beautiful medieval city, brimming with history, and is the home of the famous Bayeux Tapestry.

Nearby attractions

The Crisbecq artillery battery was built in 1942 by the Todt organisation and has placements for 21-cm Skoda guns.

The Azeville battery with its 4 Schneider cannons was at the heart of the action during the D-Day Landings on Utah Beach in June 1944. Explore the 350m of underground passages using an audioguide and see a film about the...

This island has a maritime museum with archaeological collections as well as boats and fishing equipment. The site also has a bird-watching observatory, a shipyard and marine botanical gardens.