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Come to Cherbourg, in Normandy, and experience La Cité de la Mer's new epic adventure: The Ocean of the Future.

La Cité de la Mer is located within the stunning, former transatlantic liner terminal dating from the 1930’s. Its ambition is to let you explore the fantastic human adventure of the conquest of the ocean's great depths.

The Ocean of the Future


A declaration of love for the most beautiful, intelligent and fragile thing on earth: the sea!

Be immersed in spectacular multimedia spaces, as you travel through a dazzling underwater adventure and discover the origins of life inside a drop of water! You can also go down through a 15-metre-high water column surrounded by a dazzling ballet of beautiful sea creatures.

Dive down to the ocean depths to meet the fantastical creatures that people the last wild expanses on the planet. Existing six thousand metres below the surface, discover the mysterious world of the deep-sea trenches, the final frontier, bounded by dizzily high mountains and mega volcanoes.

After admiring the legendary wrecks resting on the sea bed, create your own seafood menu in the Jules Verne saloon, choosing from the treasures to be found in the sea in Normandy.

The great gallery of men and machines

Here you'll find a unique collection of submarines and other manned-craft that have been used to explore the depths by deep sea divers throughout history.

You can also try your hand at being a submariner as you embark onto Le Redoutable, jewel of the French Navy. It's the largest submarine open to the public in the world!

Audioguide tour available from 5 years old. Two versions are available: family and expert, in French and English, German, Dutch, Spanish or Italian.

Titanic returns to Cherbourg

the great history of European emigration to the New World.

Finally, be part of a one-hour long virtual mission into the unexplored underwater world with the attraction “Walking into the depths”.

*During this closure period, La Cité de la Mer will present a large exhibition on the boat, Tara, dedicated to her scientific expeditions.

Nearby attractions

Cherbourg has been an important naval base since the 19th century and it was Napoleon himself who pushed for Cherbourg to be a major transatlantic port by creating large artifical breakwaters.

Leaving from the Pont Tournant, the Adèle operate various boat trips in the summer. Daily boat trips with a commentary can be taken around the harbour.

Cherbourg's markets are mainly held in the Place du Gaulle, which is named after the great French hero and has, at different times in history, been known as Castle Square and Freedom Square.

This excellent museum is set in the Fort du Roule, a Second Empire fortress which was occupied by the Germans during WW2 and liberated by the Americans in 1944.

Places to visit nearby

Cherbourg, in Normandy, is a port town with a seafaring history that is second to none.

Carentan in Normandy is a quaint town surrounded by vast wetlands and marshes teeming with wildlife - but it is most famous as the site of the Battle of Carentan during the Battle of Normandy in WW2.

Coutances in Normandy is an historical market town, set amongst beautiful countryside and close to the coast, that is famous for its beautiful cathedral.