Memorial des Civils dans la Guerre


The Mémorial des Civils dans la Guerre, the Memorial of Civilians in Wartime, is a unique new museum looking at the lives of civilians in France under the German Occupation, during the Allied Liberation and in the aftermath of the war.

Opened in May 2016, this brand new museum is the only one of it's kind in the world to focus on the lives of civilians during conflict. Located in Falaise, which was the site of some of the Battle of Normandy's fiercest fighting in the Battle of the Falaise Pocket, the museum is situated on top of houses that were bombed during the Allied liberation of Normandy.

There are three sections to the museum that are located over three floors and on the ground floor you will enter the 'Immersive Room' where you can see that excavations of a bombed out house through a glass floor and experience the feeling of a bombing raid. On the second and third floors are the 'Civilians and Liberation' and 'Civilians and Occupation' exhibitions detailing what life was like in Occupied France under the Nazis and when two million Allied soldiers arrived on Normandy's beaches.

With a brand new film about the Allied bombings featuring British, French and German archive footage, period artefacts, propaganda, photographs and more this museum is a fascinating introduction to a forgotten history. There are also recreations of a French cinema and an enlistment office where French people were recruited to work in Germany to help the war effort.

Places to visit nearby

Falaise in Normandy has rich history as the birthplace of William the Conqueror and the battlefield of the WW2 Falaise Pocket battle, and is surrounded by beautiful, peaceful countryside.

Caen, in Normandy, is one of the oldest university towns in France. Bustling with activity, it is a vibrant and attractive city on the River Orne.

Lisieux in Normandy sits at the heart of the beautiful Pays d'Auge countryside and is the second most visited pilgrimage site in France.

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