Montormel Memorial

Landmarks and Historic Buildings

The Montmortel Memorial commemorates the Battle of the Falaise Pocket, a period of intense fighting that raged in the area around Falaise during the Battle of Normandy. Raised in honour of the Polish soldiers who fell here, the memorial features the divisional badges of the French, American, Canadian and Polish units that fought in the battle.

The site is also home to a museum about the Falaise Pocket and has a panoramic viewing room where you can observe the pretty green fields below that were a bloody battlefield during August 1944. Your visit to the museum ends with a well-researched documentary film.

Places to visit nearby

Falaise in Normandy has rich history as the birthplace of William the Conqueror and the battlefield of the WW2 Falaise Pocket battle, and is surrounded by beautiful, peaceful countryside.

Lisieux in Normandy sits at the heart of the beautiful Pays d'Auge countryside and is the second most visited pilgrimage site in France.

Caen, in Normandy, is one of the oldest university towns in France. Bustling with activity, it is a vibrant and attractive city on the River Orne.

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