Roche d'Oëtre Orne Aventure

Activity and Theme Parks

The new Roche d'Oëtre acrobatic park gives a new perspective on one of the wildest regions of the Orne department. Two different courses wind their way through the countryside: the first is in 25 stages and is accessible to children from five years; the second is much more physical. Thrill seekers test their nerve on the black course, cycling through the tree tops or base jumping to the ground - the best thing to do is just go for it!

Places to visit nearby

Falaise in Normandy has rich history as the birthplace of William the Conqueror and the battlefield of the WW2 Falaise Pocket battle, and is surrounded by beautiful, peaceful countryside.

Laval in Western Loire is a pretty town on the Mayenne river where a charming château sits on a rocky outcrop, and some remarkably well-preserved Gallo-Roman baths can be found nearby.

Le Mans in Pays de la Loire is a modern city with a diverse heritage.

Nearby attractions

The Château of Carrouges remained in the ownership of a single family from the XIV century until 1936.

This vast park covers 257,000 hectares of rocky mountains and verdant forests. For walkers, there are several discovery trials to follow including the 'Three Forest Trial' and 'In the Land of Lancelot of the Lake' and the...

Falaise, the birthplace of William the Conqueror, is proud of its medieval castle surrounded by imposing walls. Two out of its three towers are typical of the Anglo-Norman style and the third, known as the Talbot Tower, was...