Le Havre

An arts museum with a great collection of Impressionist paintings, the Muma (Musée d'Art Modern André Malraux) was the first major museum to built in France after WW2, when the original building was destroyed. A trip through some of the most important art movements of the last 300 years, the museum has collections of Fauvist art, Art Deco and 20th century art amongst others.The Impressionist collection contains works by masters including Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Degas.

Places to visit nearby

After serious devastation during the WW2 bombings, Le Havre has risen phoenix-like from the ashes to become a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site for its post-war architecture.

Honfleur is a charming seaside town immediately recognisable by its tall narrow buildings - which look as though they've been squeezed into the streets!

Trouville in Normandy is both a charming seaside resort and a picturesque fishing village all in one!

Nearby attractions

A striking white building that appears to emerge almost naturally from the ground, Le Volcan is home to a theatre and cinema which is mostly underground.

Perched on the cliffs high above the Seine Bay, the 19th century Fort de Sainte-Adresse has been granted a second life as the city's hanging gardens. The four bastions of the fortress are dedicated to displaying rare plants...

Wander through the gorgeous park of La Jardins Personnalités and discover the busts of famous townspeople and those who have a connection to Honfleur including Monet, Satie, Boudin and the poet Baudelaire.