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Mont St Michel in Normandy is a granite tidal island just off the coast, famous for its majestic abbey.

One of France's main tourist attractions, the Mont St Michel captivates the 3 million visitors every year who come to experience the magic of this sacred place. The incredible 11th century abbey rises out of the mists, a calling to today's visitors just as it has been to the pilgrims of the past. Known in France as La Merveille ('The Marvel') the Mont is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. The first church here, on which the abbey is built, was created by St Aubert after a vision of the Archangel Michael.  

Access to the Mont is across a causeway through the Baie du Mont St Michel, an area of mudflats known for its extreme tides that sweep in quickly and can catch out the unsuspecting! Take the walk to the abbey at the top of the Mont, wandering up stone stairs and through the Mont's one street, the Grande Rue where you'll find créperies, restaurants and gift shops full of souvenirs to remember your journey to the Mont. Stay overnight to truly enjoy the beauty of the Mont St Michel when it is quieter and floodlit - the illumination makes the architecture even more striking as you sample some fantastic seafood in the Mont's restaurants. There is also the Mont St Michel Marathon most years in May that runs from nearby Cancale to the Mont itself, the competitors not only racing each other but also the bay's infamous tides.

Why visit Mont St Michel?

  • The Abbey
  • The Architecture
  • The Churches
  • The Museums


  • Country: France
  • Region: Normandy
  • Department: Manche
  • Population: 40
  • Coordinates: 48.636369,-1.511822

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