Abbaye du Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel
Landmarks and Historic Buildings

The main reason to visit the Mont St Michel is the abbey, a Romanesque and Gothic masterpiece of design and a phenomenal work of architecture, with underground crypts and chapels that were built to hold up the huge abbey on top. Building first began on the Mont in 708 when a sanctuary was created in honour of the archangel and the abbey church was completed in the early 1000s, a feat constructed at 80m above sea level.

It became a place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages and some pilgrims wouldwalk up the 900 plus steps on their knees as a sign of penance and the Mont can even be seen on the Bayeux Tapestry from 1066. After holding out against the English during the Hundred Year's War, the abbey was later used by the atheist government of the French Revolution as a prison for priests who refused to renounce their vows. It was restored in the 19th century and is a beautiful place for some quiet reflection with incredible views across the salt flats of the bay of Mont St Michel.

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Nearby attractions

The Archéoscope is a multimedia sound and light show based on the history and legends of the Mont.

The History Museum on Mont St Michel contains lots of artefacts to understand the Mont's long and vibrant history.

This small chapel is perched at the foot of the island where there is a set of stone steps out to reach it. It was built in 708 on an outcrop of rock that legend says fell from the top of the mount after being pushed by a...