La Chapelle St Aubert

Mont St Michel
Landmarks and Historic Buildings

This small chapel is perched at the foot of the island where there is a set of stone steps out to reach it. It was built in 708 on an outcrop of rock that legend says fell from the top of the mount after being pushed by a child. It is a serene place to spend a few moments watching the tides, away from the main abbey and is a remarkable work of architectural achievement, still standing up valiantly against the weathering of the sea.


Places to visit nearby

Mont St Michel in Normandy is one of France's most popular tourist attractions attracting over 3 million visitors every year.

Avranches in Normandy is an historical city that was once a royal city under Louis IX, and saw an important battle during WW2, overlooking the beautiful bay of Mont St Michel.

Dol-de-Bretagne in Brittany is a quaint medieval town close to the rugged Mont Dol that overlooks the bay of Mont St Michel.

Nearby attractions

The Mont St Michel abbey is a Romanesque and Gothic masterpiece of design and a phenomenal work of architecture.

The Archéoscope is a multimedia sound and light show based on the history and legends of the Mont.

The History Museum on Mont St Michel contains lots of artefacts to understand the Mont's long and vibrant history.